Illegal BASE Jumper Gets Parachute Stuck On Cell Tower

The 20-year-old ended up calling the police on himself after his parachute became caught on a guy wire, leaving him dangling perilously 50 feet in the air.

Facebook post lands Sri Lanka motorist in hot water

A Sri Lankan motorist risks jail for complaining on Facebook that he had been given a traffic ticket because he is Buddhist. Amid a fierce debate on religious freedoms in the Indian Ocean nation, the motorist now faces court action for the traffic offence and the Facebook post in which he said he had been persecuted for placing a Buddha statue on his dashboard. The post has been widely shared on social media, with many lambasting authorities over the case.

Chilly weather prompts cries of foul play at Afghan election centre

Afghan election officials found themselves probing a cold case Tuesday, after a top presidential contender cried foul when two police officers slept in an election data centre -- supposedly to escape chilly weather. The strange incident occurred Sunday night, when the two officers were invited into Kabul's election data centre, which is supposed to be locked down, where results from the September 28 first round of presidential polls are being collated.

Mum has hiccups for 12 years after getting them while pregnant

{"@context":"https:\/\/","@type":"VideoObject","name":"","duration":"T3M17S","thumbnailUrl":"https:\/\/\/1s\/2019\/10\/22\/10\/20029126-0-image-a-34_1571738183075.jpg","uploadDate":"2019-10-22T10:52:14+0100","description":"A mum-of-two who started having hiccups when she was pregnant has revealed she still hasn't stopped hiccuping 12 years later.","contentUrl":"https:\/\/\/video\/met\/2019\/10\/22\/4826556149200539167\/1024x576_MP4_4826556149200539167.mp4","height":576,"width":1024}

Trump Just Retweeted An Account That Parodies His Butt

The president of the United States retweeted a Twitter account that describes itself as "@realdonaldtrump's butt."

Australia's Chris the sheep, the world's woolliest, dies

An Australian sheep who made headlines in 2015 for the record-breaking weight of his fleece has died, according to the carers of the Merino named Chris.

Spanish shepherds guide hundreds of sheep across Madrid

Shepherds guided a flock of around 2,000 sheep through the streets of Madrid on Sunday in defence of ancient grazing and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl. Shepherds halted at the town hall so the chief herdsman could hand local authorities 50 "maravedies" -- copper coins first minted in the 11th century -- as payment for the crossing.

Hillary Clinton posts parody Kennedy letter mocking Trump

Hillary Clinton on Sunday posted a joke letter on Twitter supposedly sent by John F. Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, written in the excitable style of US President Donald Trump's recent letter to Turkey. The parody letter, originally from ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" TV show, is written on mocked-up White House letterhead and addressed to Russia's then leader Nikita Khrushchev. Get your missiles out of Cuba," starts the letter pretending to be from president Kennedy.


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